“Allen’s control of the timbers, from guttural moans to clarion peals,
and his ability to squeeze whimpers out of brass and hurl them
at the listener, marks him as a horn man to watch.”
W. Royal Stokes-The Washington Post

“…Bracingly vivid trumpeter…”
Howard Mandel-The Village Voice (N.Y.C.)

“His conception and phrasing recall Lee Morgan’s command of the latin idiom.”
Keith Raether-The News Tribune (Seattle)

“…he screams and screeches, taunts and teases,
growls and groans, sneaks and snakes.”
Gil Sokolow-The I.A.J.R.C. Journal

“A fullness replete with soft tone-edges and great leaping ability makes Allen interesting and worth a listen.”
Andy Bartlett-Cadence Magazine

“Allen’s trumpet and flugelhorn playing is marked by a playful inventiveness underscored by a slightly husky, almost vocal, tone and use of such swing trumpet strategies as smears, growls and glisses.”
George Kanzler-The Star Ledger (Newark, N.J.)

“Allen displays wit, charm, and true soul amidst the bristling themes
and exposes fine sensitivity in the more harmonious passages.”
Sid Gribetz-JazzTimes

“In the course of playing like himself, Eddie crackles like Hargrove,
squeezes half-valved whinnies and bends like Marsalis, Blanchard or Bowie.”
Kevin Whitehead-CD Review Magazine

“…precise lines and his control of texture.”
Peter Watrous-The New York Times

“Allen’s trumpet solos,… were marked by flowing logic and
infectious, bouncing swing”
George Kanzler-The Newark Star Ledger

“…Allen’s original compositions dance with an attitude”
Geraldine Wycoff-JazzTimes

“There’s a beauty to brashness, especially when it’s accompanied by chops and intuition. The talented trumpeter offers such a blend…”
Jim Macnie-The Village Voice (N.Y.C.)

“What would you get if you melded a bit of Art Blakey to the imagination of Lester Bowie? You’d get trumpeter Eddie Allen…”
Nancy Ann Lee-JazzTimes

“… sounds like he has assimilated the fire, articulation and
influences of Lee Morgan”
Winthrop Bedford-Jazz Improv

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