Tour Dates

May 1
Performance with the Lance Bryant Big Band @ Clement’s in Newark, NJ

May 2
Performance with Willie Martinez at the Parker in NYC

May 4
Performance with Bertha Hope @ the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, NY

May 5
Performance with Salongo @ the Mt. Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church in Harlem, NY

May 12
Performance with Reggie Nicholson @ Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT

May 15
Performance at Johnny Almendra Memorial @ St. Peter’s Church in NYC

May 22
Guest appearance at the Dwight-Englewood School with school’s jazz band

June 3
Outdoor performance with Bertha Hope in East Elmhurst, NY

June 5
Performance with the Lance Bryant Big Band @ Clement’s in Newark, NJ

June 11
Performance with Bertha Hope in Elizabeth, NJ

June 21
Performance with Bertha Hope at Pier 84 in NYC

July 8
Eddie Allen Quartet Performance @ Jazz On Main in Mt. Kisco, NY

July 12
Performance with Salongo @ Pier 84 in NYC

July 13
Performance with Salongo @ Riverside Gardens Park in Red Bank, NJ

July 18
Performance with Peter Hand at the Byram Schubert Library in Greenwich, CT

August 8
Performance with Nick Smith in Richmond, VA

August 9
Performance with Nick Smith @ Keystone Korners in Baltimore, MD

August 20
Performance with Eddie Allen & Friends at the West Side Park in Red Bank, NJ

August 24
Performance with Salongo @ Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY

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